Art in the shadow of isolation

07.10.2021 - 17.10.2021

The events of the last two years – the epidemic and the isolation that has followed – affected the lives and work of artists in different ways. For some, the isolation has been difficult, while for others it has been particularly inspiring.

The many opportunities, both missed and newly opened up, have left a lasting mark on the visual arts. In addition, buying trends have changed significantly
for people stuck in their homes and using their homes as offices, the aesthetic quality of their own surroundings has become more important, which resulted
in a broader group of consumers, rather than just a narrow group of collectors.

In addition, the online space and the role of the online space and online sales have increased in all industries, with artworks more accessible to ordinary people.

The exhibition “Art in the Shadow of Isolation” aims to illustrate this, the ways in which the effects of the covid situation have changed the way artists work. The exhibition will include works that have been inspired by this theme, as well as providing a space for artists.

The exhibition is part of a larger series of events organised by youngart online gallery, the
Budapest Metropolitan University and Porsche Centrum Budapest
and includes, among other things, a
Contemporary Art Competition and Exhibition, as well as an online Meetup
discussion entitled “Closer to Art”.

The overall programme and the youngart online gallery in general aims to
support and encourage young artists, and to promote the online space and the
and the proliferation of online sales, to bridge the gap between art lovers and the art world.
the art-loving public and young talent.

‘How is the theme reflected in the artworks on display?’

Inspired by the confinement caused by the epidemic situation, for example, Aniko Herbert aka Haniko
Home, some of whose pieces are on display in the exhibition.
In this visual quarantine diary, Herbert does not write down his thoughts, but
but visually records the psychological states of the people who are forced to live under the
captivity. In Herbert’s words, the Home series is “A
The reduced experience of freedom: get out inside!” In looking at his work, we too
can we examine how we have changed in this short but defining time?
Have we left any traces of our time locked up? Have we realised who we are?
whether we were really locked in with ourselves?

The work Hope by Marietta Srágli in the exhibition also addresses this theme.
“The pandemic has messed up our lives, that’s what the first picture represents.
In 2020, we thought ’21 would be a better, freer year, and then in ’21 came the new pandemic.
tightening, with another wave. That’s what the second picture represents. The images can also stand alone
but together they really show the complexity of the situation. Again this year
we are hopeful, and so there is no third picture…”

Anna Sibitka also created her new series during and under the influence of quarantine
Quarantine picture, which depicts lonely houses, referring to the people
the isolation of people and the constriction of their living space.
The programme is organised by the Budapest Metropolitan University, and
Porsche Centrum Budapest.
The programme is an official programme of the Budapest Design Week 2021 festival. The festival is organized by the European Commission, the European Commission and the European Commission.
The festival is sponsored and funded by the National Intellectual Property Office and organised by the
Hungarian Design Council. For more information:
The exhibition is open free of charge from 7 October to 17 October 2021, weekdays
11:00-19:00, weekends 10:00-18:00 at Kubik coworking
at the Kubik coworking space.
In the light of the epidemiological situation, the exhibition will be open in case of restrictions
and an online guided tour is also available.

Place: Budapest, Kubik Coworking Budapest, Budapest
Date: until 17.10.2021
Start: 11:00
Admission: free

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Budapest, Kubik Coworking Budapest, Jászai Mari tér, Magyarország



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