Flea Market on Népsziget

16.01.2022 - 31.12.2024

Following the huge interest, from now on the Népsziget Flea Market will be held monthly at the ATNO Forge Club! Everyone is welcomed on the 16th of January at Újpest’s family- and dog-friendly flea market and vintage fair at Népsziget. In addition to the treasure hunt, you can complete the experience with the well-known 30 kinds of lángos, delicious giant pancakes and of course refreshing drinks.

IF YOU WANT TO SELL SOMETHING: You can bring tech items, children’s toys, clothes, kitchen utensils, ornaments, vintage style, just about anything… a worn-out cheese grater, a small piece of furniture on the way, a stool you’ve been avoiding at grandparents’, a dusty camping stuff, or even that particular skeleton from the closet! ? BUT TABLE RESERVATION IN ADVANCE RECOMMENDED!!!!

Place: ATNO Forge, Zsilip Utca 17.
Date: 16th of January
Entry: Free

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Budapešť, Népsziget, Maďarsko



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