“Change”: TEDxKazimierz Main Event


Can we change our past? How do we change who we are right now? Is there a way to change the environment we live in? How do we create a society, that does not form for the sake of mutual advantage, but for the love of one another? What can we and what can YOU do to make the change possible?

During our TEDxKazimierz Main Event of 2021, we will prove to you, that things do not necessarily have to be the way they are right now. We will share the ideas, that will change your perspective, that will inspire you to bring your own ideas to life. We will share the ideas that will leave you grateful, hopeful and motivated to do more.

This event is focused on presenting the ideas that have been changing the communities and countries in which they are deployed or the lives of those listening. We will share impactful ideas through the following TEDxKazimierz talks.

Place: The Temple, Joselewicza, Kraków, Poland
Date: Thursday, October 14. 2021
Starts: 18:00
Admission: 30-50 złoty

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The Temple, Joselewicza, Kraków, Polen


30-50 złoty EUR

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