Ventolin and Kamp! 2021


Ventolin has released a new album and will christen it in Nová Cvernovka. Polish electronic band Kamp! will take care of musical warm-up of the event. Ventoli started with the release of the album Vitajte four years ago and will be christening their third album called Dneska sa vyčasilo. And what exactly is this album about? Musically more varied and thematically more intimate, it doesn’t lack pop love songs, hilarious and harder sci-fi scenes, or situational absurdity. Kamp! again celebrate a return to techno – it’s undeniably an interesting musical combination that’s worth a listen.

Place: Nová Cvernovka
Dáte: October 14, 2021
Time: 21:00
Admission: 9-15€

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Račianska, Bratislava, Slovensko



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