Fairy tale Prunella


On Saturday, September 25, at Ar.Ma Teatro, your little ones can look forward to a children’s performance Prunella. Once upon a time there were two spouses who lived in a beautiful little house. From a window they could see a vegetable garden surrounded by a high wall. No one had ever set foot there because it belonged to a very bad whale. One day his wife, who was expecting a baby, looking at that piece of land, saw a beautiful flowerbed sown with parsley… And how will it all end? Come and see! The show is represented through a lively stage setting, with engaging colors and music. It will also offer the child spectators the opportunity to interact verbally during some scenes of the performance. The performance is suitable for children aged 2-8 years. Reservation required.

Place: Ar.Ma Teatro, Via Ruggero di Lauria, Rome, Italy
Date: Saturday, September 25, 2021
Start: 4.30pm
Price: 6-8€
Contact: petracheng@yahoo.it / 3383609134

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Ar.Ma Teatro, Via Ruggero di Lauria, Rím, Taliansko


6-8 EUR

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