Swan Lake – Kiev National Ballet


A long time ago, beyond seven mountains, beyond seven rivers … This is how many fairy tales and a legend about people turned into animals begins. The theme of the ballet is taken from various legends about a girl turned into a bird, occurring in Greek mythology and fairy-tale folklore of many countries in Europe and the East. The action takes place in an undefined era, in some corner of Europe. – On the occasion of Prince Siegfried’s coming of adult age, a festival is held, youth from the countryside play and dance in the presence of the court. The duchess informs her son that tomorrow he will have to choose a bride from among the girls presented to him at the ball. Siegfried is worried about his mother’s decision. To distract him from sad thoughts, his friends suggest a hunting expedition.

In the distance, you can see a flock of swans arriving. – Rocky shore of the lake. A flock of swans appears, headed by the queen. Prince and his companions aim their bow at the birds. Siegfried is about to shoot when Queen Odetta suddenly stands in front of him. The prince, enchanted by her beauty, does not allow the birds to be shot at and dismisses the hunters. He is surrounded by white swans on all sides, Odetta explains to the prince their secret: the evil sorcerer Rothbard has turned her and her companions into swans that can only take human form at midnight on the shores of the lake. This spell can only break the sincere feeling of a man who has never yet confessed his love to anyone. An ominous bird appears among the rocks; it is Rothbard, who reminds Odette of his power over her, and the prince of the imminent danger. But the young man is not afraid of threats. Giving in to Odetta’s spell, he swears to her eternal love and liberation. Dawn is approaching, the swans must go. – Ballroom at the Duchess’s Castle. The guests arrive, greeted by the master of ceremonies, followed by the duchess and six young maidens. However, neither of them pleases the young prince; lost in dreams, he still thinks about the mysterious girl – the swan. Suddenly fanfares announce the arrival of unexpected guests. It is Rothbart in human form with his daughter, the beautiful Odylia, whose deceptive resemblance to Odetta overwhelmed Siegfried. The ball begins. Rothbard orders his daughter to try to get the prince’s presence because when a young man in love forgets about Odetta and confesses his love to another, he will break the oath of allegiance. It also happens – a fleeting vision of the distraught Odette appears in the window and Siegfried realizes that he has fallen victim to a trick. The victorious Rotbart leads his daughter out, and Zygfryd leaves the castle in despair. – On the shores of the lake, the swans anxiously await the return of the queen. Odetta returns sad and tells her companion about Siegfried’s betrayal. But here comes the prince, full of remorse and regret, assuring Odette of his love; after all, it was her in the person of Odylla. In the one with the flapping of wings – amid lightning and the roar of thunderbolts, a blackbird – Rotbart – arrives. Unable to overcome the lovers’ feelings, he threatens the prince with death, but Siegfried does not want to escape by escaping, ready to die together with Odetta. They both die in the waves of the lake. Defeated by the power of love, Rothbart falls dead. – There can be only one ending – in a golden boat, pulled by white swans, Odetta and Siegfried sail to the land of eternal happiness.

🎼 MUSIC : Piotr Czajkowski

Location: 📍ICE Congress Center, Krakow
Date: Saturday 2 October 2021
Starts :: from 18:00
Admission: PLN 100-150
🎫 Tickets: kupbilecik.pl

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ICE Krakow Congress Centre, Marii Konopnickiej, Kraków, Polska


100-150 zł EUR

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