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On Sunday, September 19, you can look forward to a tastings of sushi and wine at SambaMaki EUR. We celebrate the art of cooking and wine by combining SambaMaki’s sushi fusion with the oenological suggestions of Fabrizio Forconi and Podere dell’Anselmo. We will taste the fascinating combination that characterizes Nikkei cuisine, in a delicate and enveloping balance between Japanese tradition, Italian culture and Brazilian imagination. Combined with the recipes, the winemaking tradition of Chianti Montespertoli in the innovative and territorial interpretations of Fabrizio and his Podere dell’Anselmo

Aperitif and tasting:
SambaMaki recipes
🥘Karagué (Chicken nuggets with ginger)
🌮 Chef’s tacos with salmon and guacamole
🍣Roll “Ai se te pego” (with salmon tartare, strawberries, sesame and teriyaki sauce)
🍣 Nigiri with salmon / Roll “Delícia”
(Fried gomawakame roll, salmon tartare, toasted almonds and teriyaki sauce)
🍤Hosomaki with Salmon / Brown Shrimp
The wines of Podere dell’Anselmo
🥂Terre di Bracciatica Bianco (Long Malavasia of Chianti and Vermentino)
🌹Terre di Bracciacatica Rosato (Sangiovese)
🍷 Preview – Chianti Montespertoli 2019

To tell us about the wine: Fabrizio Forconi, soul and guide of Podere dell’Anselmo
To tell us about the recipes: the Chef and Alessandro Sambucini, Manager of Sambamaki
Wine Communicator & Sommelier: Daniele Graziano of DGexperience
Reservations are mandatory as the number of seats is limited.

Place: SambaMaki EUR, Piazzale Luigi Sturzo, 28, Rome, Italy
Date: Sunday, September 19, 2021
Start: 7.00pm
Price: 25-30€
Contact: 335 421015 /

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Sambamaki EUR, Piazzale Luigi Sturzo, Rím, Taliansko


25-30 EUR

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