Dog festival


One day, one venue, two exciting events with the Take Me Home Foundation and the City Centre! Come to the biggest free dog event in the city centre, where family activities and fun will raise awareness about responsible dog ownership and orphan adoption.

The very doggy day will also include fun activities for those who don’t yet have a pet. Dog Walking Day, with the help of our volunteers, you can experience what it’s like to be the owner of a lovely dog. Exciting activities and a host of popular and well-known surprise guests will help make the event a success and support the work of our volunteers. At the all-day party, all services are free!

Dog-owner photoshoots, dog grooming, veterinary advice, physiotherapy demonstrations, microchip scanning and registration, dog photo engraving, dog finder app, dog shows and a host of events promoting responsible dog ownership.

The foundation, which is 13 years old this year, is especially looking forward to welcoming families who have adopted an orphaned dog with our help in recent years, as well as animal lovers who have chosen their pets from Illatos Road.

The many dog events will be enriched by well-known young musicians playing at the Foundation’s tent. In parallel with the event, the City Centre also hosts a City Centre Family Picnic in the Olympic Park, with a full day of children’s activities, so the two events complement each other perfectly. The picnic will feature music, concerts, arts and crafts, stunt performers, a playground, puppet theatre and sports activities for families with children.

Place: Olimpia Park
Date: 18th of September
Entry: Free

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Budapešť, Olimpia park, Maďarsko



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