Concert for Children Vienna

22.02.2022 - 17.05.2022

Musical cuddle time for parents, grandparents, aunts with babies. Classical Music Cool! Baby concerts are entertaining, stimulating and varied. Even the youngest ones react with interest and enthusiasm to the complex sounds, sway to the rhythm of the music, and let themselves be infected by their parents’ love of music.

Study and try out…
After the concert, interested children can also try out the musical instruments.

Date: Tuesday, 22 February, 22 March, 26 April, 17 May, 2022
Time: from 10.30 to 11.15 a.m.
Location: Josefstadt District Museum, Schmidgasse 18, Vienna
Admission: 12 euros per person; 10 euros with 5+1 ABO
Reservation: through official website
Contact: 6605813396 /

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Bezirksmuseum Josefstadt, Schmidgasse 18, Viedeň, Rakúsko



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