Opera aeterna V concert

24.06.2022 - 26.06.2022

Nicollò Jommeli: La cantata e disfida di Don Trastullo
comic insermezzo in two acts

Don Trastullo is a very funny intermezzo in two acts composed by Niccolò Jommelli (1714-1774) for the Teatro della Pace in Rome. One of the greatest Neapolitan composers, he stages a story with a simple plot, according to the practice of the time: a deception carried out against an old braggart by a clever maid who wants to get married. The characters express themselves in a very witty and pithy way, with puns drawn from the inexhaustible vocabulary of the commedia dell’arte. Jommelli’s music is refined, lively, always able to support the rhythm of the action with its shifting pulsations. The work has achieved considerable acclaim and has been performed not only in Italian but also in German cities and will be heard in its Slovak premiere.

conductor and artistic director Peter Zajíček
Arsenia: Lenka Máčiková, soprano
Giambarone: Matúš Šimko, tenor
Don Trastullo: Martin Babjak, baritone
Maid, silent character: Renata Ptačin

Mariana Luteránová
Set and costumes: Eva Kudláčová Rácová
Renáta Ptačin
Technical support: Vladimír Slaninka

Orchestra cast:
Flute: Martina Mestická
1st horn: Juraj Ofúkaný
2nd horn: Tomáš Horkavý
1st violin: Peter Zajíček, Adam Szendrei, Michal Klas
2nd violin: Gabriel Szathmáry, Peter Zelenka
Viola: Ján Gréner
Cello: Michaela Čibová
Romana Uhlíková
Harpsichord: Peter Guľas
chitarrone and baroque guitar: Jakub Mitrík

Place: the garden of the Albrecht House
(in case of inclement weather, Klariska Concert Hall)

Dates of performances:

24 June 2022


26 June 2022


Beginning: at 20:00
Admission: 12 €, discounted 8 € (seniors, disabled, students)

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Dom Albrechtovcov, Kapitulská, Bratislava, Slovensko


12 EUR

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