Concert Tribute to Freedom


We invite you to experience the 13th year of the Tribute to Freedom concert under the castle Devín. The imposing castle is an important part of our history and also the place under which the Iron Curtain ran. Devín reminds us of the victims of fascism, but also of the enormous role of the Slovak nation in the fight against it. It has become a symbol of freedom not only for Bratislava, but for the whole of Slovakia.

Since 2009, the concert has been an integral part of cultural and social events in Bratislava, with an outreach to the whole of Slovakia.

Come to this important place to listen to talented artists of the Slovak music scene. For example, JANA KIRSCHNER – Slovak singer, composer and multiple winner of music awards in several genres, LENKA FILIPOVÁ – chansonist, guitarist, composer and lyricist, ANETA LANGEROVÁ – Czech singer, who in 2004 became the first winner of the competition Czech Search for SuperStar and since the release of her first album she has become a very successful complex musician.

This trio will be complemented by singer MILA MEDVEDOVSKAYA, who will not only introduce us to the Ukrainian music scene, but through her we will pay tribute to freedom.


Venue: Devín Castle, Bratislava
Date: 19 August 2022
Time: 18:30
Entrance: 12 €

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Devín, Slovakia


12.00 EUR

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