Balkan Beats party


A hot-blooded Balkan party that will relax you. Get ready to hop wild, friends! Together we’ll create a circle of southern dances until the untamed rhythms of world music, Balkan gypsy and klezmer are ingrained in our DNA. DJs Julah and will accompany us through the elemental bashavel. 👏🎺🎶🎻

DJ Julah
is a percussionist of ethno band Capre, DJ and occasional producer. He was kicked into Balkan jousting back in the 90’s by the music in Kusturica’s film Underground. As a DJ, he prefers the southern “all flavour”, which is based on balkan beat, gypsy sound, Spanish and South American music. Julah has played not only at home, but also in Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic, on the same stage with musicians like Boban Markovic Orkestar (SRB), Los Chilakillerz (MEX) and Sena Dagadu (GHA). “The parties are fine, different genres from different parts of the world are played, people are nice and lively. Simply cosmopolitan Bratislava,” describes the atmosphere of Balkan Beats with a smile.

is a DJ who brings with him genre boldness and wild music, which, however, does not lack soul. World music, gypsy, balkan, Mexican cumbia and electro swing dance side by side in his original rendition. has been pumping dance passion into crowds at Czech and European festivals, clubs and private parties for more than 15 years.

Location: KC Dunaj ~, Nedbalova, Bratislava
Date: Saturday, 27.08.2022
Start: 21:00
Admission: 5 €

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KC Dunaj~, Nedbalova, Bratislava, Slovensko



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