Festival New Drama

11.10.2021 - 16.10.2021

It is a festival dedicated to contemporary drama on Slovak stages. The festival will present a total of ten productions, which were selected by two dramaturgical councils during two selection periods. Thanks to the two selection periods, 146 productions were included in the selection, so there was plenty to choose from. Due to the pandemic situation, an online platform is being prepared for the seventeenth edition, so the festival will be run in a hybrid form. The Theatre Institute is preparing a conference for the professional public, which will take place both online and in-person, and there will also be a masterclass led by the Belarusian playwright Andrei Kurejčik – so there is a lot to look forward to!

Place: Bratislava, Slovakia
Date: October 11 – October 16, 2021
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photo by teraz.sk


Bratislava, Slovakia



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