Tea and the Apocalypse

28.08.2021 - 29.09.2021

A theatrical performance that is an intimate treat for your eyes – four ladies prepare their regular session of tea and converse about everything and nothing. But it’s far from a boring conversation – they talk about the universe, themselves and the world… Big ideas mix with banal remarks and apocalyptic visions. The conversation is authentic and thanks to the gradually revealed story of the murder it is also suspenseful. Oh, and it’s also funny because it’s brutally honest. A witty play and a fine cast – B. Turzonová, A. Javorková, K. Magálová and E. Vášáryová – this will definitely be your cup of tea.

Place: SND, Bratislava
Date: August 28 – September 29, 2021
Time: 19:00
Admission: 20.00€
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photo by snd.sk


Pribinova, Bratislava, Slovakia


20.00 EUR

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