Turkish Brunch


Have you ever been to Turkey and miss the breakfasts that last into the afternoon? Or maybe you’ve never tasted Turkish olives, pastries and cheeses? Now is the chance to sit around a huge table and, like the Turks, we’ll have a huge afternoon feast, which will also be a super social experience, as you’re used to! Registration deadline: 12.08.2021.

Muhammara (peppers and walnut cream)
Taze lorlu kahvaltılık (dried paprika cheese cream)
Zeytin piyazı (pomegranate balsamic vinegar olive salad)
Zahter (wild thyme spice mix and olive oil)
Zeytin (olives)
Beyaz peynir (Turkish fresh white cheese)
Domates salatası (pomegranate balsamic vinegar tomato salad)
Menemen (Turkish egg lecho)
Gözleme (spicy potato pie)
Yoğurtlu biber (grilled peppers with garlic yoghurt and red pepper with melted butter)
Kaymak ve bal (Turkish cream and honey)
Tahin ve pekmez (sesame paste and grape must honey)
Turkish black tea

Place: Ellátóház, Kazinczy utca 52/b
Date: 14th of August, from 10 AM
Entry: 4900 HUF/person

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Budapešť, Maďarsko


14 EUR

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