Acroyoga workshop

02.08.2021 - 06.08.2021

Come along and let’s get immersed in the wonders of Acroyoga🤩Acro Yoga is an exciting mix of different movements including acrobatics, yoga, and a hint of massage. No need to be an experienced acrobat or yogi, but having certain body consciousness will be of help. It is playful, exciting, work with trust and helps you connect to others and yourself. You can come alone, no need to bring a partner! Let’s play and fly! A week when we meet every weekday afternoon for 3 hrs long workshop🌟

How it is more than the regular weekly classes:

✔We will have a closed group, so the activities and exercises will be tailored to your specific needs and wants. No distraction by people of totally different levels dropping in. We start together and we finish together.
✔The sessions will be building on one another, so we will be able to reach new levels
✔Exciting group dynamics, heightened sense of safety by practising with the same people so trust will be built gradually and get stronger within the group.
✔Small group number, so you can get the attention you need and deserve
✔Longer sessions (instead of the usual 2 hrs, 3 hr long workshops). This will allow us to dive deeper into other aspects of Acroyoga which are usually brushed aside in the regular classes. More therapeutic flying, more Thai massage, more diverse techniques.
✔Ideal for those who are struggling to get away from work and/or other commitments, so cannot afford a full retreat. You can just come after work, no need to take days off!
If you are new to Acroyoga:
✯ No need for any previous experiences, but if you happen to have some, we will still bring you some challenging tasks to play with 🙂
✯What to bring with yourself:
▹Comfy clothes, try to avoid buttons and zippers
▹Waterbottle and your lovely cheerful self and sense of adventure! 🙂

Place: AbrakaDabra Mozgásműhely, 1027 Margit krt. 54.
Date: 2-6th August, every day from 17:30 till 20:30
Entry: 27.000 HUF – full week, 5x3hrs – the places are limited, as we want to make sure there is not only enough space but attention as well for you all! (11 participants tops)

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Budapešť, Maďarsko


75 EUR

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