Festival of Folk Arts

20.08.2021 - 22.08.2021

Craft Communities in Buda Castle together again! From 20 to 22 August, for the 35th time, the largest and most prestigious folk art festival in the Carpathian Basin, the Festival of Folk Arts, will be held in Budapest. In the Buda Castle, from Kapistran Square to the Holy Trinity Square, in a new location, the most important festival of craftsmanship and crafts:
­čî×For the first time, the event is free of charge as part of the public celebrations
­čî×Guests of honour: Turkish-speaking countries
­čî×The festival will focus on crafts related to hunting and fishing
­čî×About a thousand artisans
­čî×Crafts demonstrations, shows
­čĹŚFolkTrend, costume show
­čąĘGastronomic show
­čî×Hundreds of performers, all-day stage programmes
­čÄ╗Folk pub: talks, concerts and dance
­čî×Folk playhouses with children’s concerts, lap games, storytelling and dance lessons
­čî×Craft activities: net knitting, carving, quilting, hunting hat making, etc.
­čî×Barkers, stilt walkers, showmen
From 11 AM to 8 PM at all the festival venues: interactive activities, flash mobs, musical surprises Virtus Bagpipe Band, Langal├ęta Garabonci├ís and many others

Place: Budapest Castle
Date: 20th – 22nd of August
Entry: Free

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Budape┼í┼ą, Ma─Ćarsko



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