OZ Cestou necestou (online)

01.07.2021 - 31.07.2021

OZ Cestou necestou offers you a great (online) programme for the summer – a reservoir of 8 very popular and informative travel presentations (and 2 new ones as a bonus :)).You are allowed to buy 10 online presentations until the end of July, you can watch them during the whole of July and August from the comfort of your own home – we bring you a selection of our favourites which might convince you that a given package of travellers’ stories is definitely worth it :))

1. If by Japan, then by bicycle
Five months and five thousand kilometres in a country which culture is so vastly different from our own. From the island of Hokkaido to Okinawa – through beautiful nature, fantastic infrastructure, warm-hearted Japanese people and unique cuisine- and if you can, only by bicycle.

2. Travel the world with house sitting
Airfare is the most expensive thing when travelling is concerned- then accommodation usually follows this cost-list. What if we said there was another way to do it- with the help of pet sitting and housesitting for absentee owners? How to do it and how better not to? Is it even possible to make a living this way? This and much more with Ivana Grešlíková, who has made 20 such trips in 11 countries on 3 continents.

3. Volunteering in Sumatra
Volunteering in the tropical forests of Sumatra – it sounds like something out of a movie or another world, and yet, it’s a reality. Helping to destroy poaching traps and protect endangered species such as tigers, elephants and orangutans… It’s only here that you realize what’s important – fresh water in rivers, far fewer electronics, the sounds of nature. You can experience all of this, too.

4. Ten years in China
Pavel Dvořák has lived in this country for ten years and has been interested in it for a good sixteen – that’s how long it takes to begin to understand this complicated country full of beauty, contrasts, paradoxes, ups and downs. It is also a country of crowded cities and romantic countryside and Dvořák shows it for what it is – beautiful, colourful, imperfect, human and complicated.

5. 4000 km through Namibia – a lecture not only for parents
Travelling through Africa and Namibia with children in a car and with roof tents – does that sound impossible? Apparently, it is not – come and see where these travellers milked goats, how long it takes to climb one of the highest dunes and the places where they lacked water more than electricity.

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photo by cestounecestou.sk

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