Pančlajn stand up comedy


As cheerful as oaks, as ironically prickly as firs, as beneficially healing as limes and as witty as cherries – this is a proven stand-up routine that will grow on our stage. Tomáš Hudák, Jakub Gulík, Matej Adámy, Docent, Vlado Mikuláš, Taumy and Samo Trnka are going to make us so much fun that we will have to be dragged out of the hall by a pair of horses! A pleasant rustle of leaves between the performances will be provided by the musical guest be.well. 🤣🌲🌳

✅ Tomáš Hudák
is a variety woodie whose stand-up credits go back to the early days of this entertainment in our field. He occasionally clucks like a woodpecker on a wormy log, but always comes out with some tasty situational humor in the end.

✅ Jakub Gulík
A flexible willow that does not shy away from swatting with its undiluted temper those who deserve it. Gullo grew out of stand-up kindergarten a long time ago and nowadays he’s performing nicely in the first league of humour!

✅ Matej Adámy
He looks like a fallen spruce tree freezing by the garbage for three weeks after the post-Christmas eviction, but just plant him in front of the eyes of an understanding audience, and he miraculously comes to life. So much so that it unhesitatingly throws its stinging punchlines where we have the weakest spots. Deplorable and dangerous, like his humorous style!

✅ Docent
Majestic, biting humour that’s ripe for a second thought. His specialty is healthy eating and healthy laughter that lifts the spirit.

✅ Vlado Mikulas
A foreign variety that once in a while blooms on the Panchlynau stage. Sour, full of juice and distinctly – its humour is guaranteed to refresh even the pickiest of tongues.

✅ Taumy
From the crown of his humour, he looks at life’s themes with amusing insight. Don’t be fooled by her colourful appearance though, her punchlines have some pretty pointy barbs at times!

✅ Samo Trnka
The eternal apple tree who brings a night’s worth of fine tales from the life of an entertainer to every Panchlajn. Always served fresh and crisp!

✅ be.well
is a band formed by Patrícia Švelanová and Andrej Kovačik. The evening will bring us pleasant acoustic pop-rock, which will be carried between the performances of our stand-ups.

Venue: KC Dunaj~, Nedbalova Street, Bratislava
Date: 16.06.2022
Time: 19:00
Entrance: 15.00 €

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KC Dunaj~, Nedbalova, Bratislava, Slovensko


15.00 EUR

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