Football is (not) a sport for young ladies


Italy and football, an inseparable pair. Recently the Italians also showed it at EURO 2020/2021. But now await you an evening of monologues, performances and music that explores and talks about the sport that Italians love the most. But exclusively from a woman’s point of view.
Although the progress of our time over the last 50 years is quite visible, it seems that football to have remained in a stone age sexism, amidst outdated clichés such as “women don’t know the offside rule” or the proverbial “football is not a sport for ladies ”up to the madness of presidents of football clubs who see women’s football as something diabolical and unnatural.
But in the meantime the world, fortunately, is moving. Women have been fans, footballers for a very long time and have also been referees, linesmen, coaches and managers for a very long time.
Definitely do not miss this interesting performance, which on the one hand underlines the absurdity of this gap, and on the other hand a lot of good memories associated with the history of football.

Place: Giardini della Filarmonica Romana, Via Flaminia, 118, Rome, Italy
Date: Saturday, July 24, 2021
Start: 9:30pm
Contact: / 335 5364577

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Giardini della Filarmonica, Via Flaminia, Rím, Taliansko



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