Immortal Faust

07.09.2021 - 08.09.2021

Immortal Faust, one of the most famous shows returns to the Globe Theatre Rome. Written and Directed by Stefano Reali (freely inspired by Christopher Marlowe’s “Doctor Faustus”, and W. Goethe’s “UrFaust”) and with Monica Dugoora.

Director’s Notes
Giuseppe Zeno in the part of Faust on stage also gives life to Mephistopheles and all the other male characters of the show, in an acrobatic, virtuosic, and physically acrobatic performance, bordering on the circus. A particularly versatile actress and dancer, as well as a singer, will play all the female parts.

The text, now brilliant, now tragic, now comic, now farcical, is a reflection on the transience of the human being, and on the impossibility of accepting the indifference in which the digital world seems to confine us, a world in which the renunciation of touch , to struggle, to risk, to sensations, and ultimately to physical contact, has become a prison rather than a guarantee of well-being. Zeno goes through all this and does so by facing with irony, sarcasm and moments of irresistible comedy, the Promethean drama of the man of all times, in constant search for the only thing that really matters to him: Immortality.

In Wittemberg, in 1580, Johann Faust, an avid scholar of knowledge makes a pact with the demon Mephistopheles, who proposes that he remain perennially young, and very powerful, for twenty-four years. After that Lucifer will take his soul. Faust accepts, discovers a world that he had always denied himself, and with the help of Mephistopheles he travels into the future, to conquer the purest girl in the world, Margaret, and convert her to Lust. Bored by the excessive ease with which he has conquered her, Faust then decides to go back two thousand years, and woo the most evil woman of all time, Helen of Troy. Thanks to the brilliant and tragicomic help of a Mephistopheles who looks more and more like a Leporello, Faust / Don Giovanni conquers Elena, but her seduction is less exciting than Faust could have expected. Also because Faust has taken a liking to it, in the experience of sin, the twenty-four years contracted with Mephistopheles are no longer enough for him. And so, determined more than ever to know Absolute Evil, to negotiate true Immortality with him, Faust travels into the future, always accompanied by his faithful Mephistopheles, arrives in 2020, and is amazed in front of Social Media, Pollution, Fake News, and to Influencers, in a world where the greatest object of desire is elusive, electronic, and only made alive by millions of followers. Realizing that he cannot ally himself with Evil, let alone fight it, in a world where no one exists “live”, but only on his digital shadow, Faust is bitterly surprised to discover that his time travels have consumed all twenty-four years at his disposal. Suddenly decrepit, old, and tired, just at the moment he is preparing to have to leave his Soul, with a flick of the tail, and with the help of Mephistopheles, who is now fond of him, Faust manages to mock Lucifer, and to return to its “normal” existence. And he realizes that Mephistopheles is simply the demonic part of himself, which claimed his right to be lived, expressed, before being hastily set aside in a politically correct existence. But is she really over? Or is the Devil reorganizing himself, to reclaim what is rightfully his?

Cast: Giuseppe Zeno and Monica Dugo
Directed by: Stefano Reali
Assistant director: Barbara Ciacci
Music: Stefano Reali
Costumes: Lara De Navasques
Technical Direction: Stefano Cianfichi
Light Designer: Umile Vainieri
Sound Engineer: Daniele Patriarca

Place: Globe Theater Rome, Largo Aqua Felix, Rome, Italy
Date: Tuesday 7 and Wednesday 8 September 2021
Start: 9.00 pm
Price: 11.50-32.20 €
Contact: 338 910 4467

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Globe Theatre Roma, Largo Aqua Felix, Rím, Taliansko


11.50-32.20 EUR

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