Jazz Jam session

02.07.2021 - 31.07.2021

The Free BJC Jam Session nights feature the most famous and popular Hungarian musicians from weekend to weekend in spontaneous formations. Anything can happen during these late-night jam sessions. Surprisingly in recent years, world stars and hobby musicians from all over the world have joined the trios, which mainly play bebop.

02.07.2021 Balázs Horváth Trio
2021.07.03. József Balázs Trio
2021.07.09. Oláh Kálmán Jr. Quartet
2021.07.10. Gábor Szalay Trio
2021.07.16. István Gyárfás Trio
2021.07.17. Lakatos Pecek Krisztián Trio
2021.07.23. Balázs Horváth Trio
2021.07.24. Oláh Kálmán Jr. Quartet
2021.07.30. Kollmann Gábor Quartet
2021.07.31. József Balázs Trio

Place: Budapest Jazz Club, Hollán Ernő utca 7.
Entry: Free

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