Coronation Festivities 2022

24.06.2022 - 26.06.2022

History has not died and kings and queens have not completely disappeared – Bratislava commemorates the important ones in its own way, with a period procession and a coronation ceremony staged according to historical documents. Come and see the performance of almost 200 actors and how the king receives the coronation insignia – sword, mantle, apple and scepter – from the Archbishop of Esztergom. After the coronation ceremony, he passes the Knights of the Order of the Golden Spur, swears the oath to his country and promises to uphold the integrity of the country on the coronation hill.

This year Ferdinand V will be crowned (the date of the original coronation was 28.9.1830).

Ferdinand I, as King Ferdinand V of Hungary and Bohemia, called the Good King, of the Habsburg-Lorraine dynasty, was the Archduke of Austria, the second Emperor of Austria, King of Hungary, and the last crowned King of Bohemia.

Ferdinand was not healthy, probably because his parents, the last Holy Roman Emperor of the German nation and the first Austrian Emperor Francis II and Maria Theresa of Naples-Sicily were related, cousins respectively. He had an unnaturally large head with a distorted face, continued to speak and stutter badly, was plagued by nervous tics and convulsions, grimaced, and suffered from epileptic fits, after which he often lapsed into unconsciousness.

He was, however, musically gifted, playing the piano and trumpet, enthusiastic about botany and interested in the development of technology. He spoke five languages, so he cannot be described as feeble-minded.

People liked him, and in return he gave sweets to children and small coins to the poor as he strolled along Ferdinand’s (now National) Avenue.

Doctors did not predict a long life for Ferdinand, but he died in Vienna at the age of 82.

The coronation ceremony is accompanied by a period fair and many other attractions completing the period atmosphere.

Place: Bratislava
Date: June 24 – June 26, 2022
Admission: free

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Bratislava, Slovakia



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