90 Special at Gasometro Vintage

03.06.2021 - 30.09.2021

Every Thursday of Summer 2021 the energy of 90SPECIAL awaits you at the Gasometro Vintage to make you dive into the memories that have marked an era! What you will find in 90special is a journey to tell in the years of the walkman rewound with Bic and the floppy disk, the navels in the wind and low-waisted jeans, Invicta backpacks, and generational situation comedies, from Beverly Hills downwards.

Those were the years of the bumper cars and the little cubed man of Italy in the 1990s, those of the Furby and the Tamagotchi. Years in which the appearance of compact discs marked the “halftime” of vinyl albums. Years in which all the names of the Tops were known, they wore Dr. Martens and shoes with lights with pride; we danced the dance of Corona and Datura while listening to Lunapop, Oasis and Take That, Spice Girls and Backstreet Boys; it was played with the Crystal Ball and the Uno cards.
Those were the years where you kept secret diaries, amusingly sealed by padlocks not yet unhinged by Facebook, handled the Game Boy long before tablets and compiled absurd tests in magazines with the name of adverbs.
Memories will resurface every Thursday! Are you ready? ❤️

Place: Gasometro Vintage, Via del Commercio, Rome, Italy
Date: every Thursday
Start: 5.00 pm

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Gasometro Vintage, Via del Commercio, Rím, Taliansko



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