Fine Selection party

15.06.2021 - 23.09.2021

Great common chill out with the finest DJs, sets, sounds and of course first of all: in the best company. After longing for months, we can finally walk down the bridge again with double cocktails and Martin Audios already trembling waiting for our arrival on the Orrterasz. At the entrance, we nod to Bergin and then slap the Fine Selection armband. We have arrived, we are here again …

07.15 ● Fine Selection #107 ● Mikesz birthday & Dot2.0, Analog 303
07.22 ● Fine Selection #108 ● Martin Prestige, David Lacfi
07.29 ● Fine Selection #109 ● Nigel Sorter, Derek
08.05 ● Fine Selection #110 ● Electric Boutique Wedding Rave
08.12 ● Bedroom ● The 10+1 Birthday Rave ● Bedroom Crew
08.18 ● OFF WEEK ●
08.26 ● Fine Selection #111 ● Robert Dobak, Cassiel
09.02 ● Fine Selection #112 ● Kirill&Kernel, Jemal
09.09 ● Fine Selection #113 ● Vilmos Vagyóczki birthday
Imperatrice, Csaba Kajzinger
09.16 ● Fine Selection #114 ● Blatti, Andrija Jager
09.23 ● Fine Selection #115 ● Dubgrade [Brasov], Daniel Meister

Place: A38 boat, Petőfi bridge, Buda side
Entry: 1000 HUF (apx. 3€)

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Budapešť, Maďarsko



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