Marketing Development and Data Modelling


These days, businesses have a wealth of disparate data at their disposal – from activity on their website, store traffic, purchases, call center calls, app logins, and more. But these data are not just rising and falling curves and statistics – they are a real reflection of people’s attitudes, their interests, preferences, or their knowledge or ignorance about a given company and its products. But how to navigate in such a large volume of data and interpret it correctly? This is an essential factor in developing further strategies regarding investment in advertising, innovations or the most advantageous setting of discounts. So it is definitely worth paying attention to the data.
Pavol Baboš and Michal Vyšinský from 2muse will show you how to do it – among other things, you will learn, when TV advertising starts to be loss-making, or how much a company must invest in advertising to achieve 30% spontaneous brand awareness.

Place: online
Date: June 17 2021
Time: 09:00
Admission: 33.00€
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Bratislava, Slovakia


33.00€ EUR

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