GUnaGU Theatre

21.10.2021 - 28.11.2021

Oops! . You know something is seriously behind you when you can crack a joke about it – so why not take a look at a sci-fi comedy from the near past? It wasn’t that long ago that we could only see disaster movies in the cinema. And suddenly, one (low-budget) sci-fi pandemic story is taking place in reality and all over the world at once. Oh boy. The GUnaGU theatre, in collaboration with Zuzka Kronerová, has prepared a sci-fi about our generation, which was born in the last century, and somehow everything is moving so fast around them that they do not have time to wonder where it’s all going. The rehearsals for this show were in high spirits, even with respirators on, and said easy-going wing of things is reflected in the performance and will surely entertain you as well. A (sort of) retro comedy about a future that isn’t what it used to be – one not to be missed! 🙂

Place: Františkánske námestie 7, Bratislava
Date: October 21 – November 28, 2021
Time: 19:30
Admission: 15.00€

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Františkánske námestie, Bratislava, Slovakia


15.00 EUR

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