Festival of Colors in Krakow


Official Festival of Colors in Krakow 2021! 🎉 Do you remember when we broke the Guinness World Record? We’ll do something cool this year too! We see you on September 11, 2021!
Admission: free!
💥 countless colors!
💥 Original Holi Colors of the highest quality! (they come off their clothes👕)
💥 the best DJs!
💥 popular artists of your choice!
💥 tasty food from the best food trucks! 🍕
💥 positive atmosphere and joy of life!
At the Festival, apart from colorful energy and concert music, you will also find many interesting attractions! Among others:
👉🏻 giant balloons! 🎈
👉🏻 colored glasses! 😎
👉🏻 free sweets! 🍭
👉🏻 CO2 bazookas🎊
👉🏻 contests with prizes! 🎁
No matter how old you are, what kind of music you listen to! It is important that you can smile and you like to spend time with crazy people: D
The more people join the event, the more attractions and artists we will be able to provide you, help us reach everyone: like us, invite friends, share the event 💪
◾️ What is the Festival of Colors?
This popular game involves thousands of people throwing Holi Colors into a huge colorful cloud! The entire festival is filled with an atmosphere of eternal joy. Young and old, they all dance, sing and have fun throwing Colors in the air! It’s the perfect place to go crazy and take amazing photos. We are a pioneer of colorful events in Poland, we have organized several hundred of them throughout the country, the participants come back every year to play with us and shower them with Holi Colors.
◾️ Who is it for?
At the festival, we meet the most pupils and students, but the participants do not lack representatives of any age group 😉
The truth is, regardless of age, everyone has a great time throwing out colors 😃
◾️ Where and when?
I’ll see you on September 11, start at 3:00 PM. We invite you!
Last throw at 20:00!
◾️ Tickets
Free entrance!
Remember, you can always enter the events organized by us for free. Take your friends and have fun with us 💪
◾️ Holi colors
At the festival, we provide access to 11 different Holi Colors. Among the colors:
– yellow 💛
– orange 🧡
– red ❤️
– green 💚
– blue 💙
– purple 💜
and many other!
As always, we remind you that for safety reasons you cannot bring your own powders other than “Holi Colors”. The colors we provide are environmentally friendly, harmless, non-allergenic and have the appropriate certificates. The colors are easily washed off the skin and disappear from most materials during washing!
◾️ Contact:
If you have any questions, please contact us by email.
@: kontakt@festiwalkolorow.pl
We invite you!

Place: TAURON Arena Krakow
Date: Saturday 11th September 2021
Starts: at 15:00 – 20:00
Price: free

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Tauron Arena Kraków, Stanisława Lema, Krakov, Poľsko



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