Cuban dance weekend

31.05.2021 - 28.06.2021

Traditional Cuban ballroom dances SON Cubano, the ancestor of Salsa, and SALSA Cubana (CASINO Cubano, TIMBA Cubana:
– 15,30-16,25 – SON & SALSA, PAIRLESS – rhythmic and styling preparation for pair dance, but also suitable as a separate lesson of styling and musicality for men and women
– 16.30-17.25 – SON CUBANO, PAIR
– 17.30-18.25 – CUBAN SALSA with STYLE, PAIR
(Casino, Timba)
– After the end of the lessons, we will release a Cuban playlist so that you can listen to and dance them while sitting in a pleasant environment and at least virtually transfer to Cuba šŸ™‚.
Required dance level:
No prior knowledge of these dances is required in a pair lesson, but the advantage is the experience of another pair dance at least at the intermediate level.
At least a basic knowledge of salsa in an unpaired class.
-> It is possible to attend only the first lesson, or only the third lesson, but it is not possible to attend the second, paired hour of Son, without the first, which is an important preparation.
-> -> Special price:
– all workshops + dance floor: 18, – EUR (2 x 55 minutes) / person
– 2 workshops: 13, – EUR (2 x 55 minutes) / person
– only 1st workshop: 7, – EUR (1 x 55 minutes) / person
– dance hall only: 1, – EUR / person
– surcharge for Multisport card:
+ 2, -EUR / person / dance lesson
IT IS NECESSARY TO REGISTER due to the crown of regulations – no later than 9.7.
Registration for the course by e-mail:
(phone: + 421-905-148142)
BeijaFlor, Panorama City (entrance from the inner square next to Yeme)
Easy access by transport (Eurovea, Apollo bridge, Landererova street). Parking: in Eurovea up to 3 hours on weekdays or 5 hours on weekends for free, or nearby.

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Bratislava, Slovensko


30 EUR

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