Museum and Gallery Night 2021


Surely, you are familiar with the movie Night at a Museum – moving exhibits, a lot of fun and a bit of absurdity on the very top of that all. This all-European event is an adult version of the movie -at that very night the museum all across Slovakia and many other in the Europe will prepare many activities to give you a better idea about expositions and activities of museum in general. This year we still rely on virtual space to make this all happen, but it has one great advantage – you are able to participate on the even in the museums you would not be able to attend otherwise due to distance. This year the event is under the auspices of head of Slovakia, Zuzana Čaputová, so do not forget to check out a website of your local museum and gallery or just your favorite museum/gallery in general, and have some great fun!

Place: online
Date: May 15 2021
Time: 15:00
Admission: free
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Bratislava, Slovakia



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