Festival of Green and Landscape 2021

12.05.2021 - 14.05.2021

Festival of Green and Landscape is organized every year, on the third weekend of May, on the terrace of the Auditorium’s Hanging Park. It is the classic party between friends in which everyone brings something: those who exhibit, ideas and solutions for a modern living; those who participate in competitions, suggestions for a greener future; who comes to visit us, the deep sense of belonging to the community that chooses to coexist with the plant world.
We try to suggest useful tips to create small green corners in your homes where you can find refuge from the hectic and stressful life of the city, breathe, take care of yourself and those you love, experience the promises of a simple life, respectful of seasonality. and natural rhythms. The first work of living, Socrates said, is the care of the soul, so that it becomes as good as possible. And Nature is a powerful act of caring, towards ourselves, towards others and towards the planet.
A sincere, hopeful, popular, convivial and optimistic Green festival, inspired by Nature, conceived by us and created with the collaboration of all of you who are its protagonists and who every year, for ten years, have given life to such an affectionate atmosphere and welcoming to lead us to think that it is the positive symptom of a vital tendency. Therefore you cannot miss it.

Place: Via degli Orti d’Alibert, 9, 00165 Rome, Italy
Date: from Wednesday, May 12 to Friday, May 14, 2021
Contact: info@festivaldelverdeedelpaesaggio.it/+39 06 94844234

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Via Degli Orti d'Alibert, Rím, Taliansko



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