The most disgusting hamburger in Rome

19.04.2021 - 31.12.2021

Prepare your appetite, stomach and taste buds because right now a hamburger is coming to Rome, the most… the best you’ve ever tasted! Finally here we are. The second most irreverent and famous fast food outlet in Rome opens in Rome Prati, precisely via Candia 6, on Saturday 17 at 12:00. Of course, we are talking about Burgez, the restaurant phenomenon of recent years.

Burgez is a quality fast-food chain founded at the end of 2015, enjoying enormous success since the first store in Milan. To decree its success, on the one hand, the all-American goodness of its burger joint, on the other desecrating marketing that is making school, reaping university theses and editorial publications: a few months ago a book for Mondadori (“Il Vangelo secondo Burgez”) in which its founder and CEO Simone Ciaruffoli, together with co-founder Martina Valentini, tells the incredible story and success of a brand that in a short time has distinguished itself as the only and absolute alternative to US chains like McDonald’s and Burger King.

The Romans, however, have already had the opportunity to taste the famous burger, the landing in Rome of the first Burgez store dates back to July 2020, in full pandemic. Despite the period not the best, the first point of sale in via Leonina 82 (Rione Monti) enjoys a continuous daily queue and the second point of sale, therefore, could not be late.

The one in via Candia is the twelfth Burgez store. In Milan there are even 8, a coverage that has allowed Burgez to become the first best-selling hamburger in delivery, outclassing the most famous American fast food restaurants. Burgez is also present in Turin and Monza, between April and May it will open in Bergamo, Como, Brescia, then later also in Genoa, Florence, Varese, Verona and Bologna. The end of 2021 Burgez will be present with 20 stores, testifying that not even such a bad and nefarious period has managed to stop the expansionary wave of irreverent quality fast food.

The irreverence we have mentioned is part of Burgez’s communicative DNA. No reconciliation with the customer, no pandering, indeed, for Burgez the customer is not always right, he is only right when he is right. He is famous for his marketing campaigns in which he sends the rudest customers to that country, or when he has to say even to himself, that is, when he rents the Milanese trams and writes on them “The Burgez hamburger is the most disgusting”. Burgez does not discount, not even when Candia wraps its windows for the launch of Burgez pretending that it is not Burgez, but a chain called BurgHez (with the H) with the words: “The best burger in Rome! Much better than that lousy burger in via Leonina “.

Place: Via Candia, 6, Rome, Italy
Date: from Saturday 17 April 2021

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Via Candia, 6, Rím, Taliansko



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