The World after the Pandemic


We are different, our world is different. Home offices, social distance, masks… we know the drill. But what we are not talking about enough is the fact that at some point, all of that will end. Majority of people are awaiting that day, the opportunity to function like we had been doing before but… that is not possible. Our societies changes and those changes will be visible even after covid-19. Are we going to believe our leaders more or did they already loss all of confidence we had in them? What about our values – are those going to change? Are we going to look after the vulnerable more or did the pandemic teach us to mind our own business? What about scientists, are we going to listen more to them more carefully? And globalization – is it going to be faster or slower after all is said and done?
Topics of Fareed Zakaria´s book “Desať ponaučení pre postpandemický svet” (Ten lectures for post-pandemic world) will be discussed by Martin Šimečka and Andrej Démuth

Place: online
Date: April 28. 2021
Time: 18:00
Admission: free
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Bratislava, Slovakia



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