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03.04.2021 - 17.04.2021

Get the best and highest quality products on the market! On March 20th and throughout the lockdown, the market will be present for the delivery of the orders that you can make to each individual producer. Here are the contacts. Obviously it will not be possible to stay inside beyond the necessary amount for the purchase of the products. From 9.00 to 14.00.

There will be the products of:
“The garden in the vegetable garden”
For info and orders Francesca 335 80 33 553 – Vetralla locality
The company was born from the desire to rediscover Italian biodiversity: old varieties of vegetables that have disappeared and flavors forgotten in spite of the single-flavor monoculture. The company philosophy is that of the countryside park, or rather a campaign participated by the consumer, participation can be twofold, direct in the field or remotely by choosing the varieties to grow, proposing and researching new ones. Seasonal fruit and vegetables for the composition of packs of two different sizes. Potatoes, Carrots, Fennel, Cabbage Onions, Sicilian Broccoli, Radicchio and Apples. Seasonal vegetables are displayed on the counter.

RICCARDO and MARIANO – Coop. Wanderers to order Whats App 333 3137102 – Località Vetralla
For almost 30 years they have been dealing with traditional pastoralism, wild pig breeding, and small-scale agriculture. Sheep cheeses are all made with raw milk. In addition to the first salt they produce a soft caciotta and a semi-matured hard paste, fresh and salted ricotta and seasonally a stracchinato cheese. Their social vocation is strong and for some years now an important part of the flock has become part of a community gathered in the Association of the Flock of the People. Convinced that it is necessary to fight the large-scale retail trade and build popular distribution spaces with quality products. For this reason, after the lockdown, they began to apply the social price on their basic products. You can find primo sale, sweet caciotta, semi-seasoned, fresh ricotta, salted ricotta, stracchinato, spiced cheeses, lamb, cured sausages, bacon, fresh sausage, pure lamb sausage, chicken, rabbit, eggs, fennel flower, thyme, mint.

EMANUELE SIMPLE NATURE Association, for orders 349 761 7705 – Location Carchitti
The Association wants to promote and enhance the knowledge and use of aromatic and medicinal plants. Small-scale cultivation is conducted by observing the methods of organic farming through which it creates and makes healthy and genuine cosmetic and phytotherapeutic preparations available to members. He has set up a specialized nursery where to find extraordinary plants from all over the world. A vast assortment of aromatic and medicinal plants selected and grown organically and with low environmental impact; from the typical Mediterranean to the varieties of Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicine, to be used both in cooking and in personal care. You can find products for well-being and body care: face, hand, body creams – beauty oils – health oils, lotions and blends – ointments – mother tinctures – infusions and herbal teas. Among the phytotherapeutic extracts that raise the immune defenses at a controlled price: Rosehip mother tincture, Currant bud extract, Ashwagandha mother tincture (Indian ginseng), Holy basil mother tincture, all in 30 ml bottles and 100ml on request.

LUCA with bread and more – Az. Agricola LA.Lu.Na – For info and orders by every Thursday Luca 328 45 49 122 – locality Oriolo
Bread and baked goods: bread with organic flours and spelled, biscuits with or without chocolate, sesame biscuits, wine donuts, wholemeal shortbreads, wholemeal apple sheets, whips, pizzas, apple pie, pastiera, eggs. All the ingredients used (flour, extra virgin olive oil, organic cane sugar, eggs, einkorn spelled, sourdough) are certified organic or self-produced and with a short and healthy supply chain.

SIMONE ROBERTIELLO Robertiello Winery For orders 328 9366260 – Vignanello area
Production in Vignanello of excellent organic wines with a very low sulphite content and at affordable prices. In the cultivation in the vineyard only organic cultivation techniques are used and in the cellar wine is still made in an artisanal way. The use of very low quantities of sulphites, the manual selection of the grapes, the hygiene and the continuous sanitization of the wine vessels and the machinery allow the obtaining of excellent wines. No additives and clarifiers such as powdered tannins, synthetic resins, albumin, casein, citric acid, etc. are used. The range of wines is very wide and ranges from wines for daily consumption to refined products to combine with particular dishes. Red Wines – Mosaico (Sangiovese and Ciliegiolo 13 degrees), Sant’Andrea (Sangiovese 13 degrees), Barocco (Sangiovese and Ciliegiolo 13 degrees barricaded), Prospero (Sangiovese and Merlot sweet 14.5 degrees), Centurione (Sangiovese barricaded 14 degrees) . White Wines – Santa Arianna (macerated on the skins, Trebbiano), Garbato (barricaded Malvasia 13 degrees) Vigin, Donna Cesira just sparkling 10 degrees, San Teodosio (light and soft, Malvasia 11.5 degrees), Tojo (light and dry, Trebbiano 12 degrees), Tojo (slightly sparkling) San Sebastiano (dry still perfumed, Trebbiano and Malvasia), Cricchio sparkling dassifiedb 12 degrees dry floral scent. Rosé wines – Sangiovese (Don Alfonso).

ALESSANDRA for orders 328 1720157
Az. Agricola Mascitelli Antonio for 40 years dedicated exclusively to the production and distribution of short chain of organic products. Located in the heart of the Fucino plateau, surrounded by the mountains of the Abruzzo National Park, the company is family-run and produces potatoes, carrots, turnips, onions, fennel and seasonal vegetables with artisanal processing. The principle underlying the company is that organic farming constitutes a safeguard for the environment and for the well-being of beings to be returned to future generations as a common good. “Respect for the land and the environment, genuineness, quality and passion are what characterize our work”.

With oranges, lemons, mandarins and extra virgin olive oil
348 46 44 411
Health is a common good and therefore we will do everything taking into account the particular health situation and following the appropriate provisions. It will therefore be necessary to follow some indications:
– follow the separate directions for entering and exiting the space
– wear the mask
– observe personal distancing.
Hand sanitizer and, for those who need it, personal gloves will be provided at the entrance.
It will be possible to make financial contributions that will become “Shopping Vouchers” to be spent directly in “What I would like – the market” every Saturday morning. The solidarity vouchers will be distributed to the people who need them. For those unable to pass in person, it is possible to make a financial contribution through our C / C: IBAN IT12 R030 6973 3501 0000 0000 890. Cultural Ass.ne self-managed social laboratory 100celle. Intesa San Paolo branch Vetralla 40173. BIC BCITITMM

Saturday 18 APRIL from 11:00 to 14:00
The BARATTO space will be present with Yard Market in Rome
Bring with you what you no longer use, but still in good condition and exchange it for something useful for you.
In the clothes department we accept only the SPRING ones !!
We are waiting for you !!

A Market to build a better life project together. A project that is able to make healthy and quality food accessible and that for this reason builds, in the relationship between the participants, shared and popular prices by finding and experimenting with the multiple forms of collaboration that can reduce costs and share risks (participation in production and distribution, economic packaging in the face of more substantial orders, purchase agreements, shared properties, co-productions, sharing of transformation workshops etc.) .. whoever has ideas, projects, can bring them and contribute to this new phase of construction. To participate in all the activities of the 100celle Self-managed Social Workshop, the annual membership card is required. The Bar space will be open only for take-away products.

Place: Via della Primavera, 319, Velletri, Rome, Italy
Date: from Saturday April 3 to Saturday April 17, 2021
Start: 9.00 am
Contact: mercatocasale@autistici.org
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Via della Primavera, 319, Velletri, Rím, Taliansko



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