Via Nomentana by bike


Come with us on a bike tour to Villa Torlonia, Villa Blanc, Villa Paganini and Parco Nomentano! Cycling alongside caves, nymphaeums and mausoleums is now possible thanks to the new Nomentana cycle path. Not just any road, but the ancient Roman route marked by numerous monumental emergencies: the basilica of St. Agnes, the catacombs, the Nomentano Bridge. Here the testimonies of the past mingle with elegant aristocratic residences, today the headquarters of embassies, institutions or museums. The nineteenth-century villas have become delightful public parks, where you can cycle through scenic English gardens, adorned with fake ruins and ponds. There is no shortage of surprises, which will lead us to discover an ancient prehistoric settlement and the infamous Chair of the Devil.

Place: Via Nomentana, Rome, Italy
Date: Sunday, April 18, 2021
Start: 10 am
Price: 2-15€

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Via Nomentana, Rím, Taliansko


2-15 EUR

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