Napoleon and the myth of Rome

04.02.2021 - 30.05.2021

From 4 February to 10 May 2021, the Trajan’s Markets – Museo dei Fori Imperiali host the new exhibition “Napoleon and the myth of Rome” which celebrates the bicentenary of Bonaparte’s death, retracing the relationship between the French emperor, the ancient world and Rome, annexed to the Empire between 1809 and 1814, which Napoleon wanted to transform into a second Paris.
The exhibition itinerary winds through 3 macro-sections and includes over 100 works – including sculptures, paintings, prints, medals, gems and so-called minor art objects – from the Capitoline Collections and from important Italian and foreign museums. The first macro-section highlights the relationship between Napoleon and the classical world. On display, ancient and modern works of exceptional historical value, which illustrate Napoleon’s biographical path and his models and cultural references. The second macro-section is dedicated to Napoleon’s relationship with Italy and Rome. The third macro-section explores some aspects relating to the revival of ancient models in Napoleonic art and epic, such as that of the Roman eagle, exemplified in the Paris exhibition.
“Napoleon and the myth of Rome” end with the famous painting Napoleon with coronation robes, painted by François Gérard: the painting depicts the emperor at his peak and represents the most evident synthesis of the extraordinary use he was able to make of symbols.

Place: Museo dei Fori Imperiali (Trajan’s Markets), Rome, Italy
Date: from Thursday, February 4 to Sunday, May 30, 2021
Start: 9:30
Price: 0-16€
Contact: 060608/

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Museo dei Fori Imperiali (Mercati di Traiano), Via Quattro Novembre, Rím, Taliansko


0-16 EUR

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