Be2Can Bratislava

18.10.2022 - 25.10.2022

The ninth edition of the Be2Can film festival will offer a dramaturgically refined selection of the most outstanding films from the Berlin, Venice and Cannes festivals. In Bratislava, it will take place from 18 to 25 October 2022 in Kino Film Europe, Kino Lumière, Kino Mladosť, Cinema City Aupark and Artkino za mirkadlom.

🎞 The show will bring brand new filmmaking voices into dialogue, as well as the work of iconic directors. Be2Can will thus introduce audiences across the programme to the ways in which film language can be bent and offer a platform for critical discussion.

Once again this year we will bring audiences a cocktail of films from directorial superstars as well as complete newcomers.


Last year at the Venice Film Festival, director Audrey Diwan won the Golden Lion for her film HAPPENING. She became only the sixth director to win this award in the 89 years of the festival’s existence. We are very honoured to be screening this film at Be2Can.

🇫🇷 France, 1963. Anne is a bright, young student who has a promising future ahead of her. But when she becomes pregnant, the opportunity to finish her studies and break free from the constraints of her social background dissolves. With final exams looming and a growing pregnant belly, Anne decides to take action, even if she has to face shame and pain, even if she has to risk prison to do it…

📚 Adapted from Annie Ernaux’s autobiographical novel, THE HAPPENING follows the journey of a young woman who, in a desperate race against time, fights a physical and emotional battle to have an illegal abortion. A powerful and gripping drama set in a society that has devalued female desire and sexual freedom.

🎥 Directed by Audrey Diwan
🦁 IFF Venice | Golden Lion, FIPRESCI Award | 2021


The praise from this year’s Berlinale was justified! Chinese director Li Ruijun made what was essentially a two-hour music video about love. While DUST WILL TURN doesn’t shy away from a subtle critique of the local conditions, the heart of the story is a romantic tale. You can see this tender and human film at this year’s Be2Can.

❤ Ma and Kui-jing lead similarly lonely and complicated lives. Ma is a taciturn farmer, the last of his family to remain unmarried; Kui-jing is disabled and infertile, long past the age considered suitable for marriage in rural China. Their arranged marriage, intended to bring together two people used to isolation and humiliation, seems to throw them into a relationship that will make life worse for both of them. But instead they take the opportunity to rise above themselves and discover their shared destiny.

🎥 Directed by Li Ruijun
🐻 IFF Berlinale | Main Competition | 2022 


RIMINI, Ulrich Seidl’s new magnum opus, continues the aesthetics of German-Austrian middle-class awkwardness. Hans-Michael Reberg appears on screen for the last time in the film, which has made its way into the main competition at this year’s Berlinale. Michael Thomas shines again as son, father and husband. Although we bought the second part of Ulrich Sedil’s diptych with the intention of showing you a story that captures the pathos of life as faithfully as few others, we are keeping a close eye on the affair that has recently developed around the director. We will be actively responding to the progress of the investigation. The film can be seen on Be2Can in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

🕺 The character of former pop star Richie Bravo, a gigolo brimming with sensual but a bit seedy charm, is brought back to Rimini, Italy, by the death of his mother. In his adopted home, he earns a living singing on organised tours for his compatriots, and without any inhibitions, works his way into the minds, bodies and wallets of older women.

🎥 Directed by Ulrich Seidl
🐻MFF Berlinale | Main Competition | 2022


💥Although PACIFICTION might seem inconspicuous, we consider it to be the most topical film in the Be2Can show. Albert Serra, a director hailed as a ‘radical classic’ and winner of the Golden Cheetah at Locarno, has brought an anatomy of politics with all its possibilities, dangers and uncertainties to the main competition at Cannes.

🎯This essential and critical film about French Polynesia, with its hidden atomic alternative, spies and covert LGBT tendency towards political and military power, certainly did not take an easy or correct position. That’s why we’re grateful that it was able to be selected for the main competition at all, and we look forward to introducing it to you as part of Be2Can.

💣 On an island in French Polynesia, the High Commissioner, a man with a tempestuous temper and a seasoned diplomat, lives between the highest floors of politics and the lowest social strata of his fellow citizens. Rumours emerge: a submarine has been sighted, whose ghostly presence could herald the return of French nuclear tests.

🎥 Directed by Albert Serra

🌴MFF Cannes | Main Competition | 2022


Quentin Dupieux, the unmistakable master of bizarre ideas and complex storytelling, returns with THE UNBELIEVABLE BUT TRUE. The film was screened at the Berlinale and has been described in reviews as a “surreal parable” (Variety) about the desire to go back in time, challenging the social cult of eternal youth. Like Dupieux’s previous works, the film unfolds before the viewer as a skein of absurd plot twists, forcing the audience to step out of their accustomed patterns of thinking. To be seen at Be2Can 2022 | Bratislava

🏠 The central couple, Alain and Marie, are looking for a new home where they can grow old together in peace. Their attention is drawn to a house that hides a fantastic discovery in its cellar, which – in a sense – turns their lives upside down. But a magical hole in the floor can very easily turn from a curiosity they can show off to their neighbours into an irresistible addiction.

🎥 Directed by Quentin Dupieux
🐻MFF Berlinale | Premiere | 2022


Dario Argento, the now iconic Italian horror director behind, among others, Suspriria, after a decade of creative hiatus, is at the Berlinale with BLACK EYEGLASSES, a film that references his masterpieces such as The Bird with the Crystal Feathers, Dark Red, and The Darkness. See this bloody and hypnotic giallo thriller at this year’s Be2Can.

🔪 A voracious serial killer roams Rome, choosing luxurious prostitutes as his victims. When one of them, Diane, narrowly escapes death, she loses her eyesight in a car crash. Together with her ten-year-old orphan, Chin, she finds herself on the run from a killer whom the police are still unsuccessfully trying to catch and who is still eager to finish the job.

🎥 Directed by Dario Argento

🌴MFF Berlinale | Premiere | 2022

In this year’s Be2Can festival selection, we couldn’t help but include a documentary by legendary director Oliver Stone. This fascinating and frustrating work puts the writings about the assassination of US President J.F. Kennedy into a broader context. And if audiences were convinced that there was nothing more to say about the assassination, Stone continues to stimulate discussion.

7. O. Stone’s documentary

📄 Thirty years after JFK, Oliver Stone embarks on a journey to uncover only recently declassified evidence of the most serious American assassination of the 20th century. In an attempt to shed light on what really happened in 1963, he, along with Oscar-winning narrators Whoopi Goldberg and Donald Sutherland and a team of experts, historians and witnesses, presents compelling evidence of how the Kennedy case went from “conspiracy theory” to “conspiracy experience”.

🎥 Directed by Oliver Stone

🌴MFF Cannes | Premiere | 2021

After three years since director Paolo Taviani lost his brother, and with it the other part of the creative duo, he returned to the Berlinale with an adaptation of Luigi Pirandello’s work. An author whose works the brothers have already adapted in Kaos (1984) and You’re Laughing (1998). Despite bearing the title of a 1910 novella, you won’t see any of the hot jealousy in the plot in LEONOR ADDIO’s work at the Be2Can Festival , nothing of the hot jealousy in the plot.

👣 With the film, we embark on a journey that takes us through Italy after the war and its memories thanks to footage from fim weekly, amateur films and fragments of neorealism. Thus, Taviani once again uses cinema to help literature and history speak.

⚱Three surreal funerals intertwine with the murder of a Sicilian immigrant boy in Brooklyn. Pirandello’s ashes are transported from an overcrowded burial ground in Fascist Rome to his current permanent resting place in Sicily. After Leonora Addio buries the major in the film, the film shifts gears from road movie to film adaptation, choosing a different Pirandello story – specifically, the last one written shortly before his death in 1936.

🎥 Directed by Paolo Taviani

🐻MFF Berlinale | Main Competition | 2022

Location: in Kino Film Europe, Kino Lumière, Kino Mladost’, Cinema City Aupark and Artkino Za zrkadlom
Date: from 18.10.2022 – 25.10.2022
Start: from 14:00 – to 23:45

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