Online events in November in Krakow

05.11.2020 - 30.11.2020

Top online events you can enjoy from the comfort of your house. As it is not safe to meet nowadays, we decided to bring you tips on online events you can enjoy from the comfort of your house 😍😘

1. TEDxKazimierz Krakow 💬
The main theme of this event is “Impact”. You will be able to hear great ideas and tips from all over the world. How to improve your community and lives in it. Do not hesitate and listen to great ideas from a variety of interesting guests.
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2. U2 Real Event 2020 🎶
Do you miss the big events and great concert this year? Did you plan to go to the U2 concert? All the big concerts were canceled. But we can still enjoy the great music at our home.
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3. Jadwiga – the Jewel of Wawel 💃
Online premiere of a dance performance named “The Jewel of Wawel”. The performance consists of a mixture of modern, classical dance, as well as court dances. Enjoy a beautiful performance by the Lilia Dance Theater.
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4. International movie festival One World 2020 📽
21st International movie festival One World. This time it will be online due to the pandemic. The festival offers interesting movies every 24 hours. You can watch various movies on themes such as Climate, Migration, New technologies or Slovakia and the Czech Republic and human rights. So everyone will find something interesting there.
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5. Simple Plan Real Event 2020 🎼
Again, a big and famous band that you will be able to listen to. Live concert for everyone who misses going on big events, concerts and festivals. Do not hesitate, wear your favourite sweatpants, lie on a couch and sing along.
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6. Animest in Krakow online 🎥
Festival of animated movies. For both adults and kids. Everyone will find a movie that he/she likes. Movies from all around the world, workshops, masterclasses, special events, concerts are open to the festival guests and audience. This year the festival will be in the online form.
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7. StayAtHomeQuiz 🎮
PubQuizes gained much popularity lately. And because we miss our friends and pubs, at least we can join them in a StayAtHomeQuiz. The principle is the same. You will get questions you have to answer and compete with other people. The only difference is that you will be safe at home.
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8. Pápa Film Festival 🎞
Another movie festival. This time the Pápa Film Festival. The first International Historical Film Festival. You will be able to watch movies related to past events and periods. Topics can depict any period, events from antiquity until the 20 century. So if you are interested in history and in quality movies, join the Pápa Film Festival.
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9. Serata Jazz 🎷
Open an old bottle of whisky, wine or something like that. Sit in the armchair, close your eyes and imagine you are in a black and white movie. Listen to some jazz along the way that will make the whole atmosphere even better. Or you can just sit in your living room and enjoy a great Serata Jazz. 🙂
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10. The premiere of the Stand-up 🎤
The premiere of the Stand-up “Ukrainians” by Marcin Zbigniew Wojciech. If you miss watching stand-ups, we have an easy solution. Watch a premiere Stand-up “Ukrainians” by Marcin Zbigniew Wojciech on his youtube channel. The stand-up will be about Ukrainians and a trip to Lviv.
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Enjoy your November and stay safe ❤️

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