Mindful Yoga Workout

24.10.2021 - 19.12.2021

Mindful Yoga Workout is a combination of classical and contemporary yoga styles, between tradition and science. Our goal is to exercise in a healthy way. With various body movements, we target certain effects on the nervous system. No wonder if you arrive at the class anxious, stressed out, or tired, and you leave energized, uplifted, motivated. We start from the physical body, but we look inwards. A healthy mind lives in a healthy body.

In a world full of fake spirituality and charlatans, we want to first be well-grounded and stable in order to rise high. Eastern philosophy, chakra teaching, or talks about energy are not missing from the class, but they are presented in a non-dogmatic way so that everyone can choose what to take out of it.

The class is 60 minutes, moderate-intensity. Experience in yoga is preferable, but not mandatory, as long as you listen to your body and don’t overdo it. Options will be provided for all levels. We work out “mindfully”, only do what feels good, choose what works best for you and enjoy. Working out can be a lot of fun, as long as you find the right activity for you! If you are in search of such, I can definitely encourage you to try the Mindful Yoga Workout on Sunday. We will build strength, release tension & stress, and work for mobility and flexibility.

About the teacher: My name is Yordanka. I am 31 years old from Bulgaria. Yoga has been my passion for more than half of my life already. I started as an anxious teenager with the simple, superficial goal to learn to meditate so that I can sit longer behind the chessboard ( at that time I was actively competing and seriously struggling to sit concentrated for hours). I ended up now teaching a dynamic yoga style, “a yoga workout”(works best for calming down a busy mind). Besides that, I have a sports education (both my bachelor’s and master’s), I am a certified fitness instructor and I learned yoga in India.

You can bring your own yoga mat or borrow one in the studio for free.
If you use one from the studio, you will be kindly asked to disinfect it afterward.

Date: Sunday, October 24 to December 19, 2021, from 12:30 to 13:30
Place: Mudralina Mindful Living, Ferdinandstraße, Vienna, Austria
Entry fee: 15€
Reservation required: through whatsapp or e-mail
Online booking: More info
Contact: +43 676 570 6388 / yoga@yordanka.at

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Mudralina Mindful Living, Ferdinandstraße, Viedeň, Rakúsko


12 EUR

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