Spitz an der Donau Day Trip

17.06.2020 - 31.12.2024

Beautiful and idyllic town at the Danube in the wine growing area. That is Spitz an der Donau. It is a perfect place for you to visit if you like spending time in the nature, tasting some wine and exploring the vineyard and streets of this little town on the shore of Danube. Don´t worry, you won´t have to travel very far as it is only about 90 km away from Vienna. It is easily accessible either by car or a train. So, don´t hesitate and come and have a look at this enchanting place surrounded by water and mountains.

When: all year round, till December 31, 2023
Where: Spitz an der Donau, Austria
Entry: free

Photo by @michalluknis (IG)

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