Lunz am See

17.06.2020 - 31.12.2024

Another place you can visit and explore its beauty is Lunz am See. An idyllic little village in the middle of the mountains adjacent to the Lunzer Lake. There´s lots of options how to spend your time here. You can explore the shores of the lake, have a dip in the water, go and have a look at the museum in the village or spend some time on the promenade eating delicious Austrian food….

For those who like some excitement, there are a lot of hiking trails you can take from here. From easy to hard, everyone can participate. One of them will lead you through the mountainous woods, the other one will take you to the top of Töpper Brücke where you´ll see a beautiful wooden cross mounted on the hill.
We hope you´ll enjoy your trip to this enchanting little place called Lunz am See. We also recommend you to stay here overnight as it is a 3-hour train ride away from Vienna. For those who have cars, it won´t be a problem to come here for one day.

When: all year round till December 31, 2023
Where: Lunz am See, Austria
Entry: free
Contact: +43 7486 808115

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