Vienna Woods

25.05.2020 - 31.12.2022

Perhaps the most popular area for recreation and for those who like hiking and discovering new things is the area of the Vienna Woods. Around 45 km long and 30 km wide area is a place where a lot of Vienna´s population goes to relax every day. Whether to jog, hike or simply walk around and enjoy nature.

For those interested in astrology, at the highest point of the Vienna Woods, the Schöpfl hill there is an observatory which is run by the University of Vienna as well as the observational tower which shows the view over the Alps and the Carpathian Mountains up to 100 km away. There are also some caves located in the area.

The whole landscape is a hiking paradise for lovers of nature with endless possibilities for spending time outdoors. One of the best and most popular hiking trails is the Baden Cultural hiking trail (Baden bei Wien) where you´ll be able to experience nature as well as the beautiful sights there. It is the right blend of culture and nature. Along the trail you will have a chance to see the roads which Romans took as well as the Emperor Franz Joseph I. Together with the rosarium and spa gardens which are very popular for tourists. You can even extend your tour” and to go have a look at the Rauheneck ruins nearby. Be sure to wear proper hiking shoes because the terrain in some parts of the hiking trail may get a little bit tricky.

Other hiking trails and places interesting to see are for example the Beethoven hiking trail, Kurpark in spa in Baden with beautiful fountains, the cholera chapel, cider taverns, vineyards in Sooß or the Calvary in Maria-Lanzendorf.

When: Monday, May 25 – Thursday, December 31 2020
Where: Vienna Woods, Austria
Entry: free
Contact: / +43 2231 621 76

photo by Christine Wurnig

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