Nature Reserve Foehrenberge

01.07.2020 - 31.12.2024

All the fans of nature and hiking will definitely like the vast landscape of the nature reserve Foehrenberg located in the vicinity of Vienna. It has been founded in the early 1970s and since then it has opened its gates to many locals and tourists trying to find a place to relax and experience Austria´s wildlife. Located south-west of Vienna, it is a beautiful and lively green paradise where everybody can visit and spend some time in the midst of the black pine trees, which are characteristic to the area and are slightly umbrella-shaped.

The nature reserve offers its visitors plenty of mountain bike routes where you can take your kids and families for a nice day out. You can have a picnic in the meadows filled with flowers or find shelter at the picnic tables spread all around the area. At the site of more than 6 hectares, there is a lot to see and we think that everyone will be able to find their favourite spot in the vast and diverse landscape of the reserve.

For those who want to see more than just nature and its natural beauty, there are some sights that are definitely worth seeing. The first would be the Hussar Temple or Liechtenstein Castle which are one of the reasons why so many people visit here. The springs near Kaltenleutgeben are also very popular. The grasslands which cover most of the area of the reserve provide enough shelter for squirrels that live here and if you are lucky you may even spot one or two while you´re there.

When: Wednesday, July 01 – Thursday, December 31
Where: Nature Reserve Foehrenberge, Vienna, Austria
Entry: free
Contact: +43 2236 902534320 /

photo by Andreas Hofer

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