The Danube Island

01.07.2020 - 31.12.2022

Danube Island is one of the favourite sites for people who like to relax or have fun with their friends or family. The numerous beaches, hike trails, lounges, bars, pubs and cafés alongside the 21-kilometer-long area offer lots of opportunities for people to go out and enjoy a little bit of sunshine. If you are a fan of sports you won´t be disappointed either. There are lots of opportunities to cycle, skate, jog or just simply walk around the shore of the Danube.

The island has been a favourite recreational area not only for locals but for tourists as well. For years people have come here to enjoy the water and water sports offered by various facilities. The Water playground, for example, offers a lot of opportunities for children to play and explore to their heart’s content free of charge. The Danube Jumping Complex is the world´s biggest floating trampoline centre where you´ll find around 40 jumping areas suitable for children as well as adults 😀

The Climbing Park offers people who like adventure and love to challenge themselves a climbing area where you can scale up to the 10-meter-height under the watchful eye of trained professionals. For those who like something little less adrenaline-inducing there are various boat rental services available on site.

If you were to have some questions there is an info team that travels the area on their bicycles and is always willing to help and answer your questions. So, if you don´t know where to take your family and have lots of fun, Danube Island is a perfect spot that offers tons of activities for everybody.

When: all year round
Where: Danube Island, Vienna, Austria
Entry: free! – some facilities with admission
Free Wi-Fi 😀
Contact: +43 1 4000-96500 /
photo by tinera_at

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