Vatican City Virtual Tour

11.05.2020 - 31.12.2024

Vatican City Virtual Tour, a tour to the smallest country in the world. A state located in the heart of Italy, in Rome. Although the Vatican is smaller than any other large city, it offers more than one might expect. Despite its small size, it is connected with some of the most important monuments in the world. We will find here the grandiose St. Peter’s Basilica which is also the largest basilica in the world, the opposite is a perfect Saint Peter’s Square with the adjacent Apostolic Palace. On Saint Peter’s Square, we can also find a huge obelisk that still originates from the time of Caligula. The Vatican also includes splendid Vatican Gardens, but also other extraterritorial areas which include patriarchal basilicas and the papal summer residence located in Castel Gandolfo.

In the years 756 – 1870 in this area was located the Ecclesiastical State, on which the current Vatican found its basis. At the head of this monarchy is the Pope who is also the head of the Catholic Church. The Vatican has only about 1,000 inhabitants, consisting mainly of priests, bishops, and the Swiss Guard.

The Vatican is the only state in the world that is entirely inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. It is not only thanks to the beautiful St. Peter’s Basilica but also thanks to the many other palaces and no doubt thanks to the Vatican Museums which hide the greatest treasures in the world. The Vatican Museums contain the largest collection of works of art in the world, among which we can also find the very famous Sistine Chapel with Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam or the beautiful Raphael Rooms.

Do not hesitate and go on a virtual tour in this small – big state and let yourself be surrounded by the magic of the art of the smallest state in the world.

When: online tour – 24 hours a day, from May 7th to December 31st
Where: Vatican, Rome, Italy
Entry: free

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