Ice Caves in Werfen VR Tour

29.04.2020 - 31.12.2020

Near Werfen, a city approximately 40 km from Salzburg lays Austria’s most beautiful and largest cave in the world. It spans more than 42 km and goes deep into the mountain. Each year more than 300 000 tourists visit this vast and magnificent ice cave to have a look at the naturally formed formations of thawed snow.

The cave was first explored in the late 19th century, before, the caves were considered to be an entrance to hell therefore locals refused to go anywhere near it. The most beautiful formation in the caves is the so-called Posselt Tower, which has been named by its founder Anton Posselt, one of the late explorers of this hidden place. A 25 m high Ice Embankment catches the attention of every tourist visiting this place. Some of the stalactites are named after Norse gods and goddesses and there is always a good story behind it. For those though, you´ll have to visit it yourself.

Through the link provided below, you´ll able to embark on an adventure through the millennia-old cave which is now home to the most exquisite naturally formed formations in the world. You´ll be able to see the entirety of the explored part of the cave and discover some of its secrets. The link provided will take you to the 360° virtual tour that is available on YouTube. We hope you´ll enjoy it as much as we did. And maybe, you´ll include in your bucket list of all the places you want to see in person.

When: online tour – 24 hours a day, from April 29 to December 31
Where: Eisriesenwelt, Austria
Entry: free

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