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21.04.2020 - 31.12.2022

Discover Slovakia. We already discovered together virtual Bratislava. What about extending the image and looking at virtual Slovakia? As in the past with your finger across the map, in the 21st century with your finger across the screen. We bring you 10 interesting virtual tours that highlight the beauty of Slovakia. What do you like to see?

The Museum of the Slovak Village in Martin is the largest natural exposition in Slovakia. The exhibition presents a picture of traditional folk housing and the way of life of the Slovak population in the area of Orava, Liptov, Kysuce-Podjavorníky and partly Turiec, at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. You can see there, for example, technical, economic, social or sacral buildings, peasant settlements, the pub from 1811 or a Roman Catholic wooden church from Rudno.
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This dominant of the Považie is guarded by the historic trade routes linking the Mediterranean region to the Baltic and Northern Europe. At the place where the present castle stands, it used to be a fortified settlement, serving as the administrative center of the region. The present castle was built in the 11th century as a fortress, guarding the points through which trade routes passed. In addition to the castle itself, you can see many weapons, paintings and galleries there.
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Vlkolínec, a settlement that belongs to Ružomerok, is a settlement in which the original structure and architecture of the shepherds, geeks and lumberjacks have been preserved. It is known for wooden log houses, which spread throughout the village. Vlkolínec was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1993, which also attracted the interest of foreign tourists. You can find there farmhouses and courtyards, UNESCO House, Church of the Visitation of the Virgin Mary, Shepherd’s Lodge, Farm, Folk Art Gallery and much more.
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Popradské pleso is located in Mengusovská valley. Next to it stands the well-known “Cottage at the Popradské pleso“. This mountain lake is the fourth largest mountain lake. It is a very popular tourist attraction for its convenient location and beautiful appearance. Above the lake rises the Tatras peak Ostrva, which is also a frequent tourist attraction. Apart from Ostrva, Popradské pleso is the starting point of well-known hikes such as Rysy, Kôprovský Peak and others.
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The Eastern Slovakia Museum in Košice ranks among the most respected collecting institutions in Slovakia. The permanent exhibitions attract visitors from all corners of Slovakia and abroad. The museum is known for example for the exposition of the Košice Golden Treasure, the richest finding of golden coins in Slovakia. In addition, the museum possess wooden churches from Kožuchovce, various art collections that are chronologically and thematically arranged, natural exhibitions such as various exhibits of rocks and minerals, stones, plants or animals, and many others.
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Ochtinská Aragonite Cave is a unique phenomenon that attracts attention by its aragonite filling, peculiar creation or development of underground spaces. The cave is located in Slovenské Rudohorie near Rožňava. It is a national natural monument included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. During the access hours, it is almost always full of visitors. Now, however, its route is also made available virtual.
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The Betliar castle with its permanent exhibition The Andrassy Museum is the only manor house in Slovakia that has preserved its original collections and facilities after World War II. So everything you can see there was the property of the Andrássy family, who are considered to be the most important aristocrats of the 19th century in Europe. Among other things, you can see the exposure of Egyptology and the exposure of exotic trophies.
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The Master Pavol’s House is a medieval Gothic house with preserved architectural details such as a Gothic broken portal and a painted facade from the 18th century. In this house, world-famous Master Pavol of Levoča carved his most important works, whose originals are found in temples all over Slovakia. You can see the famous Last Supper or sculptures from the Altar of Birth.
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Krivan is an impressive hill in the west of the High Tatras, characterized by its atypical shape. It is a popular alpine route for many tourists. It is rich in beautiful nature. This hill is also a symbolic hill of Slavs and freedom of Slovaks. For this reason, it has maintained his position in music and poetry to the present day.
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The Wax Museum in Košice is the only museum of its kind in Slovakia. In the interior, you can find 23 unique figurines of the historical personalities of Slovakia. These personalities are arranged in terms of meaning and time on five floors. There are figures, for example, the patron of the city of Košice, Saint Elizabeth, the builder of the Church of St. Elizabeth – Stephen, Matej Korvin, Sigismund of Luxembourg, Francis II. Rákoczi, from the more recent history, for example, Andy Warhol, Rudolf Šuster and others.
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