Virtual tour of Dublin

01.07.2020 - 31.12.2022

Virtual tour of Dublin. Discover with us the most beautiful places in Europe. We will bring the best virtual tours online to your homes. Enjoy the virtual tour of Dublin, the capital of Ireland.

1. Dublin Zoo
Every Monday you can see a virtual tour of the Zoo, you can visit some of your favorite animals in Dublin Zoo. The Dublin Zoo in Phoenix Park, Dublin, Ireland is the largest zoo in Ireland. It is one of Dublin’s most popular attractions. It was opened in 1831. It is over 28 hectares in size. It has a number of special areas like The Kaziranga Forest Trail (Asian rainforest with elephants), African Savanna. This area has animals like giraffes and zebras. Family farm. In this area, people can see goats and sheep and other farm animals. South American House. Animals like the saki monkey, the two-toed sloth and iguana live here.
It was founded on 10 May 1830. It now has over 600 animals from all over the world.
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2. Virtual tour of Epic- The English Emigration Museum
You won’t find leprechauns or pots of gold here, but you’ll discover that what it means to be Irish expands far beyond the borders of Ireland through the stories of Irish emigrants who became scientists, politicians, poets, artists and even outlaws all over the world. Discover Ireland from the outside in and find out why saying “I’m Irish” is one of the biggest conversation starters, no matter where you are. Here you will find collected stories of emigrants from the exhibition, you can virtually visit the museum and see the various exhibitions that interest you.
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3. Chester Beatty
You can take a virtual tour of Chester Beatty and visit one of the exhibitions offered Siam, Art Of The Book, Sacred Traditions …
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4. National Botanical Garden Glasnevin
Ireland’s National Botanic Gardens are an oasis of peace and beauty, and admission is free. The gardens, which are a leading scientific institution, have important collections of plant species and varieties from around the world. Dublin’s National Botanic Gardens are located in Glasnevin, just three kilometers from Dublin’s city center, and are known for superbly restored historic greenhouses. The Wicklow National Botanic Gardens are located in Kilmacurraghe, where the milder climate, higher rainfall and deeper acidic soils of this historic Wicklow Garden provide a counterpoint to the collections in Glasnevin. These two gardens have been closely connected since 1854. Now you can virtually walk through the botanical garden.
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5. Natural Museum of Ireland, Dublin
Discover the natural world through realistic zoological models, geological samples. National Museum of Ireland – Natural History is a cabinet-style museum, laid out over four floors, the upper two of which are currently closed. The exhibits showcase a comprehensive zoological collection and have changed little in over a century.
The ground floor – known as the Irish Room – is dedicated to animals native to Ireland.
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6. National Gallery of Ireland
The National Gallery of Ireland houses the national collection of Irish and European art. It is located in the centre of Dublin with one entrance on Merrion Square, beside Leinster House, and another on Clare Street. It was founded in 1854 and opened its doors ten years later. The Gallery has an extensive, representative collection of Irish paintings and is also notable for its Italian Baroque and Dutch masters painting.
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7. Irish whiskey museum
Take a virtual tour of the Irish Whiskey Museum. Learn the origins of Irish whiskey, its rise in fame and its dramatic decline, and discover new brands of Irish whiskey. Listen to the amazing stories of our fun guides who will guide you through the ages of Irish whiskey.
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8. National Wax museum
The National Wax Museum is housed in a historic monumental armory building that was formerly home to Irish precious metals and gun shops. It is one of Ireland’s best attractions. This reinvented museum is a fun and interactive experience for all ages. The attraction gives an overview of Irish history through the ages from the Bronze Age up to present-day in Ireland, and every important era in between. Learn about everything from how the body works to how the solar system works in the Science and Discovery Zone. Hang among the giants of Irish literature in a themed Bar overlooking the Spire, get transported right into a classic music video at the Wax Factor Studios.
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