TOP 10 Virtual tours of Czech Museums!

02.04.2020 - 31.12.2020

Museums around the world are opening up virtual tours of their permanent exhibitions, in response to the coronavirus. You can watch the exhibition from the comfort of your home, so check out these virtual exhibitions in the Czech republic! 🙂

1. National Museum of agriculture Brewery exposition
Although Znojmo is known for wine rather than beer, the local beer brewing tradition is also long-term. Beer was brewed here since 1278 when Roman King Rudolf I granted the town of Znojmo beer brewing and mile rights, up to 2005 when its production was interrupted. With this virtual tour, you can see how was a beer made, from what components and much more, just give it a go!

2. National Museum of agriculture Water in the Landscape exposition
The dominant feature of the exhibition is a plastic model of the Czech Republic, on which stories” of water are projected; the main pond system, river basins and watersheds are brought to life; and the real causes and patterns of flooding in contrast to the driest regions of the Czech Republic and the reasons why things are this way are explained. Check the virtual tour of this amazing exhibition even from your home!

3. Museum of Agricultural Technology exhibition ‘Let the Machines Do the Work? Let Them Do It!’
Things do not happen in isolation and the development of machinery and technology is always linked to the development of society as a whole. It is not only about the development of agricultural machinery as such but also about finding new ways of using energy to drive machines. With the virtual tour, you can see for yourself the development and integration of the newest agricultural technology!

4. Czech Countryside Museum Kačina Castle
Kačina Castle ranks among the most significant buildings of Empire architecture in Bohemia. Check this virtual tour and experience Kačina Castle as if you were there!

5. Museum of Forestry, Hunting and Fishing – Ohrada Castle
Ohrada Castle was built in 1708–1713 in the Baroque style according to the project of architect P. I. Bayer for Prince A. F. Schwarzenberg as a hunting lodge, which was supposed to serve as a place for organization of hunts and ostentatious hunting celebrations. Experience this hunting lodge and all its glory with virtual tour and loose yourself in its amazing halls!

6. THE CITY OF PRAGUE MUSEUM Custom House at Výtoň
The former customs house building at Vytoň, number 412 on what is now Rašínovo nábřeží, is the last remnant of the ancient Podskalí fishing settlement apart from the early Baroque parish church of St Cosmas and St Damian. See this amazing piece of history with the virtual tour and be there!

Ctěnice village is situated about 10 km northeast of the historical centre of Prague, in an area which has been settled from the earliest times. In the land registry, the village falls within Vinoř village whose part it was for a short time in the 16th century. When Vinoř joined Prague 9 in 1974, Ctěnice was embodied in the capital as well. Check out beautiful Čtenice Chateau with a virtual tour and experience amazing landscape around as well as stunning indoors.

8. THE CITY OF PRAGUE MUSEUM The Old Town Bridge Tower
The Old Town Bridge Tower is one of the most impressive Gothic structures in the world. Along with the bridge, Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV had it built according to the design of Peter Parler. With the virtual tour, you have an opportunity to see it as if you were there!

9. THE CITY OF PRAGUE MUSEUM The Lesser Town Bridge Tower
The Lesser Town Bridge Tower situated on the Lesser Town bank of the River Vltava, the taller of the two towers is the youngest part of the Charles Bridge. See this amazing piece of history with the virtual tour.

10. THE CITY OF PRAGUE MUSEUM The Petrin Observation Tower
The lookout tower was built for the General Land Centennial Exhibition in 1891 by the initiative of the founders of the Czech Tourist Club: Dr. Vilém Kurz and architect Vratislav Pasovský. See this amazing view, and see all of Prague with this stunning virtual tour!

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