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22.05.2020 - 31.12.2022

Do you like cakes? Try these patisseries with home delivery.

1. Le Miam – Pâtisserie francaise à Bratislava
Le Miam brings a little bit of Paris to our little Bratislava. You can order their out-of-this-world yummy pastry, tarts and cakes on this phone number +421 903 136 325 and sending a message on IG or FB. Minimal order is 10 € and you have to place your order a day upfront before 16:00. The price for delivery is :
2€ – Staré Mesto, Ružinov, Petržalka, Nové Mesto, Rača, Karlova Ves, Dúbravka
3,5 € – Devín, Lamač, Vajnory, Devínska Nová Ves
4€ – Rusovce, Jarovce, Čunovo, Zahorská Bystrica

2. Mondieu Café
Mondieu and all their cakes are a sure way to brighten one’s day. When we found out they decided to join the home delivery, we were jumping for joy. ☺ They have a nice selection in their home delivery special menu – sweet and salty. Check out their online menu at and simply place your order online. ☺

3. Pollito Cheesecake
We simply can’t live without Pollito Cheesecake. This is why, we are super happy that they are taking in orders that you can come and pick up at their location in Staré Mesto. If you in a mood or need of having fantastic cheesecake, we recommend you call this number + 421 944 767 108 to order your favorite Pollito Cheescake.

4. Pán Cakes
To talk about sweets and leave out Pán Cakes is next to impossible. Order your favorite crepes with delivery to your home or pick it up at their location at Suché Mýto 4, Staré Mesto. You can place your orders in these times
Mon-Fri – 7:30 – 21:30
Sat –Sun – 9:00 – 21:00
Simply call this number: + 421 948 100 458 and place your yummy, sweet order. ☺

5. Kolachella
Kolachella is not your typical patisserie, but we love her custom made cakes for special occasions. And let’s face it, birthday, anniversaries and other reasons for celebration don’t stop because of any virus. Make sure your loved ones who are celebrating any special occasion or even life accomplishment, they will have a tasty cake to make it even more special. Because doing nice gestures during home isolation is more important than ever. You can place your order by sending an email to

6. Víkendové mlsanie
Some of you might be in a mood of something sweet, but can’t really put your finger what exactly will fill the void. How about you try little boxes of mixed cakes from Víkendové mlsanie. You can choose a box of 10, 20 or 30 pieces per box, starting at 15 euro per box. You can look forward to choco brownies, coconut cake, chocolate cake and many other yummy flavours. You can place an order for your weekend box of yummy cakes at +421 905 759 252 and it will be delivered to your front door for free in Bratislava.

7. Fleur Bakery
A fairly new artisan bakery is also doing their best to keep afloat by offering little boxes of sweet pastry that you can order by sending a message on their IG. If you’ll visit their Instagram and see all of the sweet pastry they offer and how great it looks, we are more than sure you will be sending them a message with your order right away.

8. Fertucha
Just by visiting their website, you’ll get into a mood of having, no –needing a cake or two. Or three. ☺ You can order your top 3 picks (or even more) with home delivery. So go ahead, check out their offer, mix and match and enjoy these sweet, delicious cakes in the safety of your home.

Tu nájdete všetky tipy na PODUJATIA, KAM V BRATISLAVE.


Bratislava, Slovakia



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